About Me

My name is Kaelin Leavitt and I am a 24-years-old. I was born in Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe and moved to Reno when I was 4 years old so it’s safe to say, I am a Reno kid! I have one younger brother who is in his undergrad at UNR and runs for the Men’s Cross Country team and both of my parents live here in Reno. I graduated UNR with my Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management and a minor in Entrepreneurship in May 2019. I am now pursuing my MBA and hope to be chosen as a candidate in the Fall 2021 semester. I work as a sales associate for an electronic component company.

I grew up in a regular family and didn’t experience too many hardships when I was younger, other than my parents getting divorced. I considered myself lucky to live the life I did and was very thankful for that. My fourth year of college I traveled to Las Vegas for the Route 91 Music Festival to celebrate my 21st birthday, and came home a survivor of the largest mass shooting in American history. After everything I had seen and lived through, I went through a lot of therapy and had a lot of support from family and friends; but was still having a rough time. This is where I found my beauty in my battle.

I hope to use this blog to talk about what I went through and how I used it to ultimately find my passion and who I am as a person. I think people who have lived through trauma have a stigma attached to them where they are expected to not be okay. I hope to bring light to the fact that everyone’s story and how they deal with trauma is different, and that is OK.