Goodbye is the Goal

Goodbye is the Goal – Do you know what this phrase is referring? When you foster an animal, the goal is not to keep the animal but to raise it to find a loving home of its own. Think about it, if every foster animal home kept the animals they fostered, we’d all live on […]

Grieving the Loss of a Foster

If you are involved in animal fostering or understand the world of animal rescue, you know that losing animals is inevitable. It is a sad truth, but one that many of us have experienced, including myself. Many animals are euthanized across the United States because there are not enough resources and funding to care for […]

TNR – Trap, Neuter, Return

Have you ever heard the term TNR? TNR is a term widely used in the animal rescue community, and it stands for trap, neuter, return. ‘Trap’ is a term used to trap a feral cat (or dog) safely and humanely. Rescues or community members will trap a cat to provide it veterinary care such as […]


If you are reading this and have read my blog, you know that the reason I started volunteering, and ultimately fostering animals, is because I was learning how to cope with survivor’s guilt from the Las Vegas Route 91 Music Festival shooting. On September 27, 2020, my roommate and I picked up more foster kittens […]

What My Life Looks Like with a Ringworm Foster

You may have noticed that I have already written a blog about fostering an animal with ringworm, but that just skimmed the surface. Caring for an animal with ringworm, especially one with other illnesses, can be hectic and amazing, all wrapped up in one experience. I currently have a foster that I picked up from […]

Fostering Animals + Working Full-Time

Are you interested in fostering animals, but you also work full-time? It’s still possible! I work full-time, as well as going to part-time graduate school, and am still able to make time for fosters. It does take some time management, and maybe an extra hand here and there, but you can make it work to […]

Do You Want to Adopt A Puppy?

Are you looking for a puppy? Are you looking to rescue a puppy? Many people want a puppy and go straight to Google or Facebook to find a breeder. But, many people look to adopt a puppy and have a hard time finding one. If you are adamant about adoption or want to look into […]

Reputable Breeder vs. Backyard Breeder vs. Puppy Mill

For many people who are not involved in animal rescue, a reputable breeder is probably a term they believe they know the definition of. A backyard breeder is another dog breeding term that has become more popular and focused on in the last decade or so. And last but not least are puppy mills which […]

Not Ready to Foster? Here’s How to Support Them.

Many people are interested in fostering, but they may not have the time, space, or support to take that step right now. And that’s OK! If you would like to support fosters in your area, I will be sharing some items below that are always in need at shelters. It may also be a great […]

Pet Foster Series: Adult Dogs

There are many different situations in which an adult dog will need a foster home. Please keep in mind that there are many more reasons than I will share in this blog, so keep an open mind, and ask plenty of questions! Adult dogs may need a foster home due to: an injury they need […]


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