Do You Want to Adopt A Puppy?

Are you looking for a puppy? Are you looking to rescue a puppy? Many people want a puppy and go straight to Google or Facebook to find a breeder. But, many people look to adopt a puppy and have a hard time finding one. If you are adamant about adoption or want to look into the option, I am here to help! I know that many people struggle to find puppies in rescue or don’t even know you can.

Image via 1 Love Dog Rescue on Facebook


The first step to bringing home a puppy is to understand the time commitment a puppy requires. Yes, I know that is “so rescue” of me to say, but the number of purebred animals that I have seen surrendered to shelters is ridiculous. Many reasons are such as ‘too busy’ or ‘unrealistic expectations’ or even ‘too much energy.’ If you are interested in a specific breed, you should take some time to research the general expectations of the breed, and what to expect. For example, research will tell you that huskies have a high prey drive, so having a cat in the home is probably not the best idea, and they need to live in a house where the backyard is fenced in at least six feet tall as they can jump high and get out.

You can find plenty of research and information online to help you decide what type of puppy is the best fit for your lifestyle. You should never bring a puppy into your life if you are doing it for aesthetic reasons. Many people buy puppies because they are cute and pretty, but they do not realize the responsibilities that come with the animal. Take your time, and find something that is a great fit for you, as well as the animal.

Where to Start

The next thing to do in your puppy journey is to start looking for rescues or breeders. In this article, I will only be talking about how to find a rescue. Many people do not realize that there are plenty of rescue organizations all over the country that receive litters of puppies, mixed and purebred. For this article, we will choose to follow the German Shorthaired Pointer breed. The best way to start is by a Google search. I googled ‘German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue’ and came across many different options.

The next thing is to start looking into each rescue. Many rescues will have Facebook or Instagram pages to showcase the animals they currently have in their care. For example, NorCal GSP Rescue has an Instagram and Facebook page, along with their website posting pictures and videos of their current dogs looking for homes. There is also plenty of rescues that are not breed specific but take in litters of puppies. For example, 1 Love Dog Rescue in Auburn, CA rescues litters of puppies regularly. Some of his litters are purebred GSPs, and others are unknown mixes.

Once you have found some rescue options you like you should continue following them to see which animals they have in their care currently. Many rescues have a high turnover of animals so if a rescue doesn’t have what you’re looking for one week, they may a few weeks later. There are so many dogs in this country and world that need caring for, so there will always be an animal for you to bring home as your own.


If you choose to purchase a puppy from a breeder, you understand that you will have to wait until the mother has a litter of puppies, and then you can try and purchase one if available. In rescue, it is the same way. Many people decide they want a pet and want one instantly. That is not realistic if you choose to rescue an animal. Since rescues are taking in animals that are essentially homeless, they take in whatever is in need. That may be a little of Shephard puppies this week and next week an older chihuahua. You have to be patient and understand that you will find what you want, but it takes time.

There are also many rescues that want to ensure the animals are going to amazing, caring homes. Therefore, if your application is not a good one, there is a chance you will be turned down. Many rescues want to know where the dog will spend most of their time, what other animals are in the home if you rent or own your home, and your reasoning for wanting a dog. If any of your answers to these questions do not align with the mission and values of the rescue they will deny you. Since these animals are homeless, and some have had rough experiences in the past, they are looking for the best homes possible.

You should also keep in mind that there are many breeds in rescue, but not all breeds can be found in rescue. For example, you are very unlikely to find a litter of Golden Retriever puppies in rescue in the US, but it is highly likely in China. Understanding that there are other breeds out there in this world, I advise you to keep your options open and do not settle on just one breed.

Rescuing an animal is a very rewarding and fulfilling experience. You get to change that course of that animal’s life and have the opportunity to give them its best life possible. If you would like a puppy but are having a hard time in rescue, please reach out via email and I will help guide you in the right direction. Please follow my blog for more insight into the world of animal rescue!

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