Types of Animals Needing Foster Care

Many people get into animal foster care for puppies and kittens because they are cute and tiny! And trust me, I agree, but most people do not realize the time and training necessary to care for these neonatal lives. Puppies and kittens require around-the-clock care, supplemental nutrition, potty training, and dependant on their health, a lot of monitoring. In contrast, there are plenty of low-maintenance animals that need a foster home for a multitude of reasons, and your lifestyle may be the right fit!

In the realm of cats and kittens, there are many different situations where an animal would require foster care. There are single, orphaned kittens, pregnant cats-to-be or with babies, a litter of kittens, bottle babies, injured kittens, and more. For adult cats, we see hospice fosters, injured cats, cats with a monitored illness, ringworm kittens, and feral cats. These needs may be met through foster homes with varying experience levels, availability, and overall attitude about the animals’ situation.

In the world of dogs, you may see litters of puppies, orphaned puppies, pregnant moms, or moms with babies in need of a foster home. You may also see injured dogs, sick dogs, dogs that need help with training, and hospice fosters. Fostering an animal is not limited to a certain age or breed, or even species!

Your work or school schedule, having children or other pets in the home, and space should all considered when choosing a foster pet. I will dive into the types of fosters, what their care requirements would look like, and what their ‘ideal’ foster home looks like. For an overview on fostering an animal, please visit https://resources.bestfriends.org/article/pet-fostering-qa.

These next blogs will be a series designed to help you decide on the right animal to take care of that fits your lifestyle. Before deciding on the type of animal, you will first need to decide if animal rescue and foster care are right for you. Check out https://www.petfinder.com/animal-shelters-and-rescues/fostering-dogs/ for more information. Subscribe to my blog for my upcoming series on choosing the right foster animal for your home!

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