Pet Foster Series, Orphaned Kittens, 2-4 Weeks Old

My previous blog post was on foster kittens aged 0-2 weeks old. In this week’s blog, we will move forward on the growth timeline, and focus on kittens aged 2-4 weeks old. It may not seem like enough time for changes amongst kittens, but it is! Kittens are now trying to learn how to move around, they may have some teeth coming through, and are learning how to use a litter box. Find out below if this age is a good fit for your home and lifestyle.

One of my foster kittens around 20 days old!

General Expectations

Kittens aged 2-4 weeks old go through a lot of growth. Around two weeks of age, they start opening their eyes and moving around, very wobbly of course, and they can get their first dose dewormer (a necessity for kittens, especially those that were found outside). Moving into three weeks of age, they are becoming a lot more stable in their movement, they can hear a lot clearer, and their first teeth will start poking through. Kittens 2-4 weeks old still need a heat source, but may not use it as much, should be bottle-fed, and will transition to a litter during this time.

Time Commitment

At two weeks of age, kittens need to be bottle-fed every 3-4 hours, and at three weeks of age, every 4-5 hours. They will still need to be stimulated to go to the bathroom, but this is the perfect time to introduce a litter box. You will need to monitor litter box usage and encourage clean litter box habits. 2-4 week-old kittens should still be monitored closely for any changes, but the time commitment is slightly less strenuous than newborn kittens.

Supplies Needed

As 2-4 week-old kittens are becoming more active, they will need an area where they can safely move around. This can still be a playpen or maybe a bathroom or bedroom where you can close the door. You will need bottle supplies, formula, a litter box, non-clumping litter, and a heat source. At this age, kittens will not use the heat source as often, but they should always have the option available to them. Puppy pads are not required but are highly recommended for litter box training as well as keeping cleaning and bathing supplies on hand for accidents.

In conclusion, 2-4 week-old kittens are still an important commitment, but they in a very transitional and fun age, where you may be willing to find ways to make it work to experience it. These kittens are great for someone who works from home and can monitor the kittens throughout the day, goes to school, or works full-time. These kittens would also be a fun age if you are a stay-at-home parent, as the squirming kittens are so cute to watch! Keep in mind, weight and overall health should still be monitored closely, and isn’t recommended to be away for too long in which something could happen. Stay tuned for my next blog post on kittens aged 4-6 weeks old!

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